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She was a bona fide movie star, having headlined “Mannequin” and “Big Trouble in Little China.” According to a 2008 book proposal shopped by Clifford Streit, the real-life inspiration for the show’s character Stanford Blatch, tensions on set began because Cattrall was “a natural comedienne, and a scene-stealer in the best possible sense — the camera went right to her.” This was, it seems, a problem, given that Parker was playing the show’s heroine, Carrie.

Cattrall — who signed on as man-eater Samantha — was arguably the biggest name among the cast in the beginning.

Cattrall tweeted the next day: “Woke 2 a @Mail Online [poop emoji] storm!

The only DEMAND I ever made was that I didn’t want to do a 3rd film….& that was back in 2016.” But the floodgates had opened, and articles were pumped out about the death of the movie, quoting other “Sex” stars and producers who confirmed that the movie was over and what an awful thing that was for fans (don’t forget to pity the movie studio and executive producer Parker, who made millions on the first two films).

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