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” I said, “Willing and happy about it, too.” Jools said, “It sounds like today wasn’t your first three-way.

I guess I should have assumed this wouldn’t have been a new experience for you.” I said, “No, it wasn’t but I can guarantee you that I’ve never been with two such young, beautiful girls in my life.

” I said, “I can’t promise my dick will cooperate, but even if it doesn’t, I know my tongue will always rise to the occasion.” Chloe said, “You mean if we wore you out and you couldn’t get it up again, you’d be willing to eat us instead?

I agreed to let them do that and Jools demand that I stay out of her kitchen while they work. I understand Laura has to work until 7.” “Actually, she just called and has to cover for her replacement who called in and is going to be late.

I thought about that and realized that when she said ‘HER’ kitchen, it gave me that proverbial ‘warm-fuzzy’ feeling. She might not get home ‘til 8 or 9 so I guess it’s something out of the freezer tonight for me.” “Nonsense, c’mon over. Jools and Chloe are working on whatever sides they can come up with from what I’ve got on hand.” “Got any beer?

After pouring himself a beer, Jools took the pitcher and put it in my fridge.

Paul looked around from his vantage point and said, “You got the old Harper place looking pretty good.” I said, “Thanks.

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