Gabon dating consolidating power definition

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The forest and its animals are greatly valued as well, and are portrayed on the Gabonese currency. Tools from the Old Stone Age indicate early life in Gabon, but little is known of its people.

There are ongoing debates about the differences in these groups and their significance. Gabon covers 103,347 square miles (267,667 square kilometers). Gabon is on the west coast of Africa, centered on the equator.

It borders Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon to the north, and the Republic of Congo to the east and south.

The French obtained control inland and stymied the Fang migration, thus concentrating them in the north.

In 1866, the French appointed a governor with the approval of the Myene leader. There are no major conflicts between the groups in Gabon, and intermarriage is common. Many groups spill over the borders into the neighboring countries.

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