Get cash back for consolidating your student loans

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This means your monthly payments will fluctuate as interest rates go up or down.Private student loans can usually be paid off over a 10-25 year term.The loan term will be 30 years, which is likely to reduce your monthly payment amount by stretching out the loan term.

Private student loans often come with a variable interest rate, meaning your monthly payment amount can change.

A student loan consolidation can help by combining all of your loans into a single loan with one interest rate and Both federal and private student loans can be consolidated in order to make your loans less complicated and more convenient.

Parents can consolidate loans taken on the student’s behalf, but they cannot consolidate with the student into a single consolidation loan.

Are you tired of making multiple student loan payments each and every month?

At Lending Tree, we understand it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep track of all your different student loan payments.

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