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I know that I can deal with life when I take time for me.Working on solving these dependency issues is imperative to my sanity and the health of my family.Condoms Unless you’ve been tested and have an arrangement, it’s best to keep the sex safe.That means ensuring you’ve got your own supply of condoms. So goes my check-list for a night out to meet a new playfriend.) but here are some Hotwifing handbag essentials that I think any new Vixen should pack into her own purse. I like to make sure I’m prepared for whatever the evening brings me! It’s fairly straightforward until I get to the handbag stage which is a real task in itself.

We sit down to make the reindeer and who ends up making them? What does this tell my kids about their ability to create something. It was a true gift to me, my kiddo and the teacher.Mints Unless you’re in the habit of packing your toothbrush and toothpaste wherever you go, a small pack of mints is a must-have to keep your mouth feeling fresh.Even if you avoid garlic prawns at dinner, a glass or two of red wine can quickly make the prospect of kissing you less desirable.The moral of the story; plan ahead, give the kids and myself more than three hours to get a project done.Find a project the kids can really help with or do and give them the space to do it. Last night I went out on a real date with my hubby.

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