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But the important things is.not suprised that he dated a celeb.. Wondergirls AHN SOHEE.9)They even sat next to each other during breakfast and dinner on FO10) Only Sohee can make Heechul shy!! Heechul change 360degrees when he with Sohee...11) Heechul reaction when saw SOHEECHUL cardboard suring SS3.12) It was revealed by Hongki last year (yess.yr, the time when heechul dated a celeb) that Heechul hp's wallpaper is....other Sohee.Actually im quite happy for him, at least it proved that he is not GAY. Think logicly, why would he put other female celeb in his phone wallie if he dating another girl. HC: If I married 7 years ago, I almost could have joined "Appa Odi Ga" (* famous Korean TV program)… Love Game's Audience Q&AQ: An idol who you think is prettier than you? The part about SJ boys' contracts was really interesting. I haven't changed my mind.^^ So Hee is a symbol of my heart. I've seen lots of other girls groups but something about Sohee is different. SH: Is there any programs that you wanted to join during 2 years of public service? HC: You know, there's a contract period for us. So we are discussing seriously like if we stay all stay… It's a long way off and it's very difficult to say officially, you know. Everyone who smokes knows it's bad for their health, more often than not people quit because of yellowing teeth/smoker's lips.

[ 76, -8] Really goes to show that no one can predict the future.Aquele que com certeza está entre os mais engraçados do grupo, além de ser super talentoso quando o assunto é dançar músicas de girl groups. - U-Know Yunho e Kim Heechul já foram confudidos como um casal. - Quando o cabelo de Heechul era longo, Donghae odeiava e dizia para cortá-lo.Ah, e os integrantes ainda o consideram o membro mais “diferente” e “único” do grupo! E não se esqueça de comentar o que você achou depois de conhecer mais sobre ele! - Quando Heechul luta com Donghae, eles vão jogar todas as coisas ao seu redor. 니가 하면 (If You Do) (Stage Ver.) [#1] mori↑gatteyo (モリ↑ガッテヨ) Release Date: 20 Tracklist: 01. Nice to see Hee Chul openly talking about defending Hankyung, earns more points with me.

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