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The two set up a mic in their office and Rollins began to reminisce on his earliest months in Los Angeles.

They released the recording as the first episode of the appropriately titled podcast, and two days later, it had been downloaded over 10,000 times."I think as it keeps going, there'll be a lot of autobiographical stuff," Rollins says.

As a young man, Garfield worked in a Haagen-Dazs shop and loved loud music.I'll tell you what I know, but there is a bit of armor up.When I talk to Ian or Heidi, none of that armor is up." Although he'd love to have the Minor Threat founder on the show, a pair of missed connections with "a very popular host who was on the Travel Channel who went to CNN" have left him wary of scheduling conflicts.But what you lacked in consistency and talent, you made up for with prodigious output and an unparalleled intensity.It was this intensity that made you a source of fascination for many. To cut yourself out of stone” and to “Keep your blood clean, your bodies lean, and your minds sharp.” Heady stuff for impressionable youths.

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