Internet dating faq

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We also work with industry leader CTIA to develop content ratings, which may be used in conjunction with Parental Controls in the future.

Am I using my Voice plan’s minutes when I access the Mobile Web? Web access is only billed for usage at a rate of per MB.

We understand that the easiest way to finding the right partner online is having dating photos that show you in the best light possible.

That's why we've created a network of hundreds of professional photographers across North America.

Customers with Data Unlimited are billed a flat monthly rate. Megabytes (MB) and kilobytes (KB) are standard units of measure for data sent and received.

Pay-per-use users are billed for usage based on megabytes used.

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Just select one of the recommended Shortcuts like Find Friends or Track a Team from the Web tab.

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You can also browse popular Web content like news stories, sports scores, social networking sites, email and more. makes it easy for you to add Shortcuts right on your homepage.

allows you to access the real Web by searching keywords or entering a Web site URL.

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