Internet dating survival guide

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About the Author Nicknamed “Little Miss Woman Saver” by her fans, Stephany Alexander is a relationship, infidelity and online dating expert and founder of Woman Free Date Screening Service, a revolutionary woman-to-woman social networking system with thousands of men’s names & descriptions entered to promote safer dating worldwide.Woman Savers is home of the world’s largest database rating men’s relationship history.I learned why I found myself attracted over and over again to Mr.Wrong and how to recognize the RED FLAGS to avoid the cycle of abuse.The Foundation for Abuse Prevention focuses on helping women, children and animals who have been devastated by abuse and educates the public on how to prevent and recover from abusive situations.The Foundation also works to eliminate emotional, physical and psychological abuse within the family unit to promote healthy and happy relationships.

Decide upfront that when things with your crush look promising for one of you, the other will back off.When you take the drama out of it, you leave no room for people to say stuff behind your back.Just remember to destroy the proof: Facebook photos will give the gossips more to talk about!This popular website lets women warn other women about alleged abusive and cheating men before it’s too late.It provides a woman-to-woman character reference on men, relationship articles, advice and support for abused women.

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