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[I] just wanted to take him home - one of those dates where you know you're not going to get any action. ' I had to drive him all the way out to Santa Monica.

I turned on music, and REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore came on.

"We're just acknowledging that life is funny," he says.

"For some reason [people think] drama excludes comedy and comedy precludes drama.

I'm first level." Gosling's character unexpectedly finds himself falling for a savvy young lawyer played by Easy A breakout star Emma Stone. slots nicely into Gosling's filmography, letting him play a supremely confident guy knocked off his axis by a love connection - just as he did in The Notebook and Blue Valentine.

"Yeah, I got lucky," he says, shrugging off the observation.

"When I met Derek [Cianfrance] for Blue Valentine, I just had that feeling," he says, "and the same when I met Craig [Gillespie] for Lars And The Real Girl, and the same thing when I met John [Ficarra] and Glenn [Requa] for this. (Gosling played Bernsen's son; Carell was Curry's henchman.) The show wasn't picked up, but Gosling was bowled over by Carell's talent.

At the age of 30, the London, Ontario-born actor carries himself like someone who doesn't fully know where he's going - not because he's lost, but because he's open to any interesting detour. If I find myself thinking too much about whether I should or shouldn't do a film, I don't do it." Gosling does admit there was another, very personal reason for making Crazy, Stupid, Love., his first romantic comedy: "I would have done anything to work with Steve." In 1999, Gosling and Steve Carell shot a television pilot about retired superheroes and villains called The Unbelievables, playing supporting roles to Corbin Bernsen and Tim Curry.

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All these people I've been wanting to work with - Julianne Moore, Kevin Bacon - I mean, my six degrees of Kevin Bacon just went right down.

"He's not known for his comedy, but he's hysterically funny," Carell says in a separate interview. He didn't want to tell jokes, he didn't want to try to be funny, he just wanted you to laugh with the character." Carell has specific ideas of what makes comedy work.

"Characters don't know that they're in a comedy - they're not acting like they're in a comedy, they're just in life.

And that's an approach I think he and I shared" If you had to define Gosling's best quality as an actor, it's probably his ability to be in the moment - to project whatever his character is feeling directly at the camera.

He creates moments so intimate and honest that they're almost painful to watch, even in the case of Lars And The Real Girl, when he's acting opposite a life-sized sex doll. Watch him court Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine and you'll see the charming looseness and boyish vulnerability that make him the thinking woman's heartthrob.

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