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Isochron behaviour was clearly observed in both cases.The first system, based on microcline feldspar grains in a high dose rate matrix, produced an age estimate consistent with the known age.The purpose was to separate bodybuilding from a spectacle of erotic display.Today, sexuality is much less of a taboo than it was a few decades ago and, even though bodybuilding organizations still may show some degree of prejudice, bodybuilders aalways push the boundaries and you can see it in how erotic their posing routines sometimes are and how small their posing suits have become.However, interest in ID has been on the wane since its peak around December 2005 (the run-up to the decision on whether ID is genuinely scientific).Hat-tip – Rich Hughes But there is still material to be enjoyed and savoured. Arrington does not lack confidence in his ability to be certain about things.

And his body isn't the morphed over roided look that too many bodybuilders have.Have you notice that some bodybuilders wear a pair of posing suits and then they take one off as they pose the same way strippers do?As time went by, posing suits became smaller and smaller to the point where the size of posing suits is now regulated for the sake of decency.Two main isochron solutions have been identified, the grain size (or alpha-beta attenuation) and alpha efficiency isochrons.An experimental approach was designed, to evaluate the validity of the grain size isochron predictions, using model matrices.

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