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Single Day Tickets We have great options for visiting Kelly Tarlton's just for a day.Was Le Ann seducing Doug a power play, or are there some feelings there? There’s definitely a competition between them, but there’s an energy between them as well. They’re both driven and obsessive with their careers and I don’t know that either of them are really capable of relationships.But she’s a sexual being and is human — she has needs!After struggling to find her place in the Underwoods' Oval Office, Le Ann finally got what she wanted when she traded leaked government information from hacker Aidan Mac Allan (Damian Young) — who was also revealed to be the lover she stole away from her mother — to become newly minted President Claire Underwood's chief-of-staff.But Jane (Patricia Clarkson), revealing herself to be a peddler of Frank Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) agenda, pulled a bait-and-switch, booting Le Ann out of her cushy office before she even had a chance to decorate.

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