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.35 Sts S0149xx 7/94 GGS TCR-83 .223 31xx 1/84 SGIDon't let your buddies use your account.

Now I know that the Iver Johnson Hercules is NOT a Colt or Winchester. To purchase one of the above guns in good factory original condition, the price tag starts at 00 and in the case of the Parker, exceeds ,000!

But it was a maker of well respected guns in the early days of the 20th century and an important part of America's firearm heritage. Enter the Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works Hercules Grade side by side in .410 bore.

Sorry, but your gun was made during a period of many changes. bigedd, That serial number was manufactured in the 1979-1980 time frame.

I'm kind of surprised that your dash 4 has the three letter, then digits range of serial number. Just a guess but likely late '79 or early '80, but depending on whether manufacturing of Model 60's was continuous during the period or made up in batches, no telling for sure.

It may just be Model 60, or Model 60-something (-1, -2, etc). The serial number is displayed on the bottom of the grip frame.

Only a Factory letter would tell the exact date of mfg or my serial # guide.... Sort of odd as the -4 engineering change started in 1990, and there were other changes afterwards..the CAH prefix shows Jan 1996. That's about all the dust and question marks I can kick up here.The used specimens we have marked, but a fairly good rule of thumb is that they were usually 1 to 3 years old. Mid-South is Mid South Shooters Supply in New Market, TN. Hornet 1245xx 5/79 OSHI Contender FRame new 2685xx 12/3/85 SGI Corinth MS Cont. GGS is George's Gun Shop, a distributor in Louisville that we did business with from the 1950s until Mr. This gun is a COLLECTORS DREAM, SERIAL NUMBER ONE, FIRST ONE OFF THE PRODUCTION LINE AND IN EXCELLENT ORIGINAL CONDITION. Shipping Notes: Payment Methods: Money Order, Certified Check, Personal Check, Wire Transfer ***** Inspection Period / Return Policy: Three Days from the date the item was received.Made in about 1927 when they first appeared in the Iver Johnson catalogs, all parts are factory stamped "01". ***** Sales Tax: 6% Michigan Only ***** Shipping & Insurance: Ground .00 We ship internationally!

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