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But the festival found a venue in Provo, where BYU is located, following the suicide death of festival director Lance Lowry’s brother, who had been expelled from the university for premarital sex as Reynolds did.“That shame spiraled him into a depression, and he took his life in Provo,” Reynolds said.

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To celebrate the official release of Mutual for Android, the company teamed up with Stacey Harkey from the Studio C sketch comedy group to film a comedic sequel to its Kickstarter video that went viral among Mormon Facebook users earlier this year.The book also contains numerous anachronisms like horses, elephants, wheat, barley, steel, silk, etc., that scientists say didn't exist in the Americas during BOM times.Introduction LDS member beliefs Anachronisms Knowledge of the Wheel?published an article in the Church News section called 'Geography Problems' (p.29) that actively discouraged members from studying the historicity of the Book of Mormon because such efforts would prove "fruitless," that differing theories regarding Book of Mormon geography would "undermine faith" and that any theories put forth by scholars were nothing more than "personal speculations." LDS critics maintain that the BOM is a work of fiction created in the 19th century.

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