Lesbian of color dating

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As the women fall in love, Tala’s own sense of duty and cultural restraint cause her to pull away from Leyla and fly back to Jordan where the preparations for an ostentatious wedding are well under way.As family members descend and the wedding day approaches, the pressure mounts until Tala finally cracks and extricates herself.

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Marine officer Alexandra is tough enough to kick any guy’s ass in a bar fight, but there’s one opponent she can’t beat: military policy. The plot revolves around the lesbian love story between one of the heroes and the villain. The film is both a parody and an emulation of th Charlie’s Angels format.In the upper echelons of traditional Middle Eastern society, Reema and Omar prepare for the marriage of their daughter Tala.But back at work in London, Tala encounters Leyla, a young British Indian woman who is dating Tala’s best friend Ali.

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