Libra woman dating aquarius men

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This transit lasts about 7 years total and will move on to impact the sign of Taurus most.Wherever Taurus (The House) is located in your chart, is where you feel, see and live to tell about shocking events and things that happen out of left field.The personal love planets of Mars (WHERE YOUR ENERGY IS FOCUSED) and Venus (WHO YOU FIND ATTRACTIVE AND WHO FINDS YOU ATTRACTIVE) have also changed signs, and on the 20th, The sun enters Gemini.It's a big week in Astrology but I will break it down for you in the simplest of terms. What do you find aesthetically appealing, who are you most attracted to and what do you need to feel pretty.I have included the House sign this Eclipse falls for you below. Single Libra will be surprised and intrigued by potential new loves.

The Sun (SPOTLIGHT) and Venus (LOVE, MONEY, MUSIC AND POPULARITY) are now touring the11th House of Aquarius (SEE HOUSES IN ASTROLOGY).It's a much better idea to socialize and meet friends that you really appreciate and can enjoy. This is a great time to make up with someone you may have been on the outs with.Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn that goes double for you! In other words, make up and realize that life is too short for arguments!If single, this Full Moon will give you the energy you need to find a new love, a special someone or just someone to spend time with. It's a GREAT TIME for making a kind gesture for someone else.Send flowers, crack open the champagne, turn the MUSIC up and let the good times roll.

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