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A starry-eyed Jordan, then aged 12, was ushered in to meet Jackson - undisputedly the world's biggest pop star - and the singer was immediately smitten.Within days, he began phoning Jordan, spending up to three hours making small-talk with him and inviting him to Neverland, his fantasy ranch, a two-hour drive up the coast.At first, Evan Chandler was similarly thrilled by the liaison, not least because he yearned to escape his humdrum life as a dental surgeon and forge a new career as a Hollywood screenplay writer.He had already had some success by co-writing the Mel Brooks comedy film Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and Jackson offered to boost his fortunes by co-operating with him on more lavish movie projects.

Evan did not realise why the star was at such pains to befriend him - until he went into his son's bedroom one night to find Jordan being cradled from behind by Jackson, whose hand was cupping his groin.'The fact is our lives radically changed and for the worse. People can talk about the money [the million settlement], but there's no amount of money in the world that's worth any of that.' Since Evan Chandler had suffered for years from an incurable genetic illness called Gaucher's disease, which caused him terrible pain in the bones, his brother stops short of directly attributing his suicide to the Jackson 'curse'.In particular, he debunks the theory expressed repeatedly on Jackson fan websites this week that Evan killed himself because he knew he had lied and could no longer live with his guilt.This week, however, after the public learned of 65-year-old Mr Chandler's suicide - which took place at his New Jersey home on November 5 - it was a very different story. Things that go around come around - karma is a bitch,' one hate-filled message read. His bombshell accusation set in motion the cataclysmic train of events which would ruin the star's reputation and effectively end his career.Suddenly, the reason for his death became the subject of worldwide speculation, and the internet chat-rooms where Michael Jackson's hero-worshipping fans exchange gossip were deluged by an outpouring of schadenfreude. Some devotees would even have us believe it was this scandal which precipitated the drug addiction which, directly or not, killed him.

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