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It's difficult because we are married and we shared every day of our lives together.

But what really hurts is the fact that he told me he’s been out of love with me for some time now, and I just feel like he is not sorry at all. I am quite young, 25, and I have a bright career in front of me, which is what I am focusing on right now.

Here's my story: I fell in love with someone rather quickly. We got married quickly because of external circumstances, but we loved each other. I was not one to talk about my feelings, but he helped me to open up.

I had never been able to make a relationship last for more than three months, and I told myself I didn't believe in love. We both loved sports, and we played quite often and watched games.

He was the kind of man that would never even turn to look at another woman, the kind of man I thought had only eyes for me ... He had short tour for a week, and when he came back, he was acting different. I went to check my phone records and found some calls in the middle of the night to an out-of-state number ... We would have been together three years this month.

Often, strength is about weeping and telling your friends you need them.

It's is about being honest with yourself, even when you don't want to admit the truth. You must allow yourself to feel everything, and then balance those sad moments with activities that make you laugh.

On the other […] For co-parents, the issue of money is often a difficult one to discuss.

However, what’s even more difficult is when one parent completely neglects the financial needs of their child leaving the burden on the other parent.

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