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Here is how courtship and dating are done in many parts of the world.Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match In Japan, the practice of Omiai is done by some of the more traditional families. Here, potential mates are considered for a young girl by the parents and the matchmaker before the couple is allowed to meet.Here, a man and a woman are allowed to share the bed but are separated by tightly wrapped blankets.Preparing the pearly whites For the Balinese, young men and women who have reached adolescence have their teeth filed as part of preparation for courtship and marriage. They believe that in filing down the upper canine teeth of the person, the traits of greed, jealousy, anger and other evil tendencies will be removed from the person’s system.

On the other hand, wearing a claddagh ring is the traditional way that Irish women announce their availability for marriage.

Wedding announcement In some cultures, the bride doesn’t actually meet her groom till her wedding day.

The practice of Swayamvara in ancient India involves the father of the bride making an announcement of his daughter’s intention to marry.

Many tribes in Africa, including the Zulus also allow their daughters to stay in a courting hut to be wooed by eligible young men.

This practice is similar to bundling, a traditional practice in olden European and Colonial America.

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