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My Son is Worried About His Big Cock All characters in this story that participate in adult sexual activity, or view adult sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

" I twist off the beer cap, take a few swallows, then return to the living room and sit down next to my son." Andy's eyes open wide and he replies "Oh Jesus Christ Mom, that would really make my cock get hard as a rock!" I get up from the couch, strip naked, light up a cigarette and walk around the living room while Andy starts stroking his cock up and down. I need a beer really quick to calm me down, so I go to the kitchen to get one.Our lips meet, then I push my tongue inside his mouth.Oh my God, I am jacking off my son while we are tongue kissing! Andy starts playing with my tits while we kiss and I continue jacking his cock up and down.

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