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Obviously, the number of charters available for each chronological time span varies (fig.1), as does the accuracy of the chronological evidence which varies from the exact day, month and year to a range of several years.In France, the custom of dating charters declined in a number of regions from the mid-tenth through the end of the eleventh century, especially in Normandy where the ducal chancery only reintroduced regular dating in 1204.

After taking into consideration any additional information that might be found in the text, such as the nature of the content, the structural organization of the text, topographical features, references to names of people and institutions, etc., final conclusions can be drawn by combining the results collected from the above analyses of each such component.The notes element contains editorial information from external sources related to the given charter, divided by theme.The markup element holds sets of character-offset based maps created to facilitate detailed content searches.History reflects the individual circumstances which determined changes in the construction of legal texts and the constant adoption, formulation and adaptation of words and word expressions.While many such changes resulted from the obligation to respond to royal, episcopal and abbatial or prioral decree, others, such as the increasingly precise reference to topographical features, responded to the growing desire by administrators to record firm boundaries across the landscape.

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