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We’ve tested them ourselves, putting our stubble-growth and skin to the test of the best.

Unless specified otherwise, we used a hot towel, Murdock pre-shave oil and Kiehl’s Lite Flite shave cream – you’re also going to want to open your pores with a single blade.

When, in this piece, we talk about how “aggressive” a shave is given, we’re referring to two aspects of the razor.

The first is how exposed or hidden the blade is by the guard, and the second is angle the blade cuts at – the more acute the angle, the cleaner you're likely to cut your hair, depending on your bristles.

Made in the Japanese city of Seki, the quality of this instrument is evident as soon as you open the box and see it lovingly coddled in a deep burgundy case. The cross-hatched grip round the handle, which screws in smoothly, also assures the shaver that you can’t go wrong with this edge - it barely moved in our hand.

The price is admittedly huge, but this is simply the best quality on the list.

It’s a shorter handle but the grip is excellent and allows nimble positioning of the blade around the contours of your face.

Buy now This razor from Giesen & Forsthoff, a maker based in western Germany, exudes quality.

From the finish of the olive wood handle to the brand name etched on the cast zinc, when you feel the weight of the razor in your hand, you know it will last for years.

The medium aggressive blade angle and closed-comb mean this is a great razor for either a daily shaver or an infrequent user, and would be a welcome present for beginners, or for experienced shavers with a single blade.

Our only quibble is that the blade is very well guarded, meaning we needed a second pass in some hard to reach corners or our face – however, this is no bad thing for wary newcomers to a single blade.

A lovely display box also means this serves as a brilliant, versatile gift at a very reasonable price.

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