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When Adam and his big sister Chelsea both get grounded and can't go out with their friends, they come up with a plan to get their mom out of the house so they can sneak out.They set her up on a date with a mysterious man named Dimitri, but their younger brother, Taylor, discovers Dimitri is actually a vampire.I had to re-screen it off a VHS recording I made in 2001.It’s a Disney title that really doesn’t get the attention it deserves.Typically in reviewing I avoid over-focus on the acting – not because it’s not important but mostly because it’s just one aspect of the film that needs to be discussed.In this film it’s what I frequently remember but it’s the solid foundation, the details in terms of the use of vampires that stand out.

It is a an extremely structurally sound film as nothing is superfluous and things that seem like they are just fenestration do play a role later on and play into the plot everything from the desire to see a band called the Headless Horseman at the Harvest Festival, the promise of a date, the mention of mom (Rhea) having been in a band before, and more.Unfortunately, the Halloweentown-esque town is located in St.Helens, Oregon, where parts of the film were actually shot.Most users ever online is 12584 on August 28, 2011 am CEST.This was a title that I wanted to discuss during 61 Days of Halloween, however, one of the good things about having multiple annual topics is that you will frequently find overlaps. Yes, it’s another DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie), and another from the earlier days of Disney Channel’s sojourn into made-for-TV films.

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