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I recommend going with a half size larger than your norm for layering. Often my work requires FR, and the Nomex flight gloves I was given by my employer are so creepy-looking that I have worn them as part of a scary Halloween costume, plus they are not nearly as substantial as this pair of gloves.

These are similar in price, and a much better value for the money. Can't speak to the durability as I've only had the 6 months or so, but spent a long time on my feet in them and as comfortable as you can get. I bought them for warm weather hiking and wading through creeks and marshes for deer hunting. I have dunked them in the water a few times and the water drains out pretty well.

Received 2 pairs of these, knew they were made offshore, but bought due to positive reviews.

Save your money, buy American made, these were made in Cambodia and didn't fit, leather was cheap.

I used to use Flents, but one time I got a defective couple of boxes (200 pair/box as I recall).

Finding a good pair of shooting glasses can seem like a never-ending quest. Will use these for storing - guess what - ammo with some silica packs to safeguard against humidity.The only improvement I could ask for would be hard-armored knuckle protection. Your feet do stay wet for a while after that, no miracles are performed, however there is less sloshing and squishing around than there is with a normal boot.I like their high quality design, materials, and construction. I had one of my buddies, who is an Army veteran, take a look at this website to verify if the products were military grade and he said it's as legit as it gets.My job requires me to stand and walk in cold, wet, and windy conditions during the whole winter season.I borrowed my friends mickey mouse boots when my regular work boots failed and I was sold!

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