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Users also have the option to delete any offensive content or block another user from contacting them.These features were developed in response to the widespread use of Kik for "cross-app" communication, whereby a user who encounters people on another app (usually a gaming app) would then use Kik to communicate with them.I love, the music, talk me about your favorites bands, it's one of my favorite topics.Talk me as independent movies or moviar I love this topics.

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Kik added Safe Photo to its safety features in October 2016 which "detects, reports, and deletes known child exploitation images" sent through the platform.I'm think I'm a kind person, but smart person too, at the beggin can you imaginate I'm a little rude, but, talk me with education and can you find the most kind person who you meet.In other part I love the good music, the good food, the good books and million of other think who can make me more big as person.A limited amount of data from a particular account (identified by exact username), including first and last name, birthdate, e-mail address, link to a current profile picture, device-related information, and user location information such as the most recently used IP address, can be preserved for a period of 90 days pending receipt of a valid order from law enforcement.Since May 2014, Kik has contained a safety feature that blurs messages from strangers, so that users must opt in to view content sent by people outside their network.

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