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But for the uninitiated, a burner is a no-contract, prepaid mobile phone, usually an ultra-cheap handset you buy in a store (with cash, for privacy), activate with a call or online, use for a while, then discard.

The throwing away is the "burning" part, but tossing it is optional, since these days you can "top off" the minutes on a prepaid phone and keep using it. Perhaps you're buying or selling items on Craigslist, managing an Airbnb listing, or online dating.

Best known as an app for providing secure communications over Vo IP between users, both voice and text, Cover Me also offers extra phone numbers for US and Canadian users, which can be used to receive calls. Unlimited texting is .99 and comes with 3,000 voice minutes.

The lowest tier is .99 for 130 texts and 130 voice minutes. I couldn't get one in my home area code nor any NYC area codes.

Research from 2014 found that some companies recycle numbers quickly, meaning you could be on the receiving end of calls you don't want, from those trying to reach someone who previously had your number.

With a burner, you don't have to block a person from your permanent phone—or get a new number—later.

All of which is great, but when you pay big bucks for a smartphone with expensive monthly carrier fees, you may not want another handset.

For example, make sure all voicemails left on Burner by certain contacts get stored in Evernote.

Hushed is a lot like Burner, but available in over 40 countries.

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