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Tortillas are a popular breakfast dish in Panama, usually topped with melted cheese or eggs.

They are similar to Colombian arepas, which are also a type of corn cake. The tortillas are an indigenous influence, dating back centuries.

For example, in 1631 famous explorer Diego Ruiz de Campos wrote about the consumption of tortillas in the villages near the Caimito River, west of Panama City by its Native Americans inhabitants. Carimañolas is another popular breakfast dish and afternoon snack in Panama.

It is a torpedo shaped yuca fritter stuffed with cheese, seasoned ground beef and then fried.

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Yuca is not to be confused with This is Panama’s signature cocktail, similar to Egg Nog.Other ingredients often used include corn on the cob (mazorca), ñampi (a tropical root vegetable), hot sauce, chopped onions, garlic and oregano.The traditional recipe of sancocho is from the Azuero region, but other regions have their own variations.Old clothes or not, the ropa vieja we tried in Panama City was delicious and definitely a dish to look out for.Unlike Mexican tortillas, Panamanian tortillas are thicker, circular and made from corn dough.

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