Pastor looking for pastor dating

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The elders of Mc Lean Bible Church (MBC) have asked Dr.David Platt to consider becoming Pastor-Teacher of the church, a title used in the church’s constitution to describe the pastor whose primary duty is “to preach and teach the Word of God.” As Pastor-Teacher (or Teaching Pastor), Dr.This leaves the door wide open for our congregation to see areas of leadership where they are needed, and to respond accordingly." ….Now, maybe I have a stake in this because I’ve been walking this kind of bridge for years, although not while leading the world’s largest protestant, denominational missions agency. The idea that the person doing the preaching must be the same person doing the ministering is really born of later parish systems, not the New Testament text. They will know him just as well as his church will know him which is not at all. I visited his church a number of times when my kids were in college in Birmingham.It is a mega church in the DC area with 5 locations and claims an attendance of 13,000 each weekend.

Mc Lean Bible Church, originally nondenominational, is a recent member of the Southern Baptist Convention.He thought it might help me to understand what good seminaries teach about being a pastor.He also said that my observations of being a church member in a number of churches would be helpful to pastors as well.Trustees also will evaluate Mc Lean’s level of partnership with the Southern Baptist Convention.We plan to revisit this matter in our February trustee meeting.” As Teaching Pastor at MBC, Dr.

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