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Yup — call in Ted Wells, call in Robert Mueller, and heck, get the whole dang FBI involved for this one — as we have got ourselves a full-on scandal.

Here’s the comment from Glenn in the Indy Star, which was seemingly spotlighted by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio: “We were playing on the road, it might have been Peyton’s rookie year [1998], and it was really loud.

We have, however, come across some widely passed rumors in our years, and thought worth passing along this gem (which is more than more than likely to be false).

There have been a lot of theories and rumors to support the idea that there are many “open marriages” amongst the ranks of professional athletes.

Peyton Manning’s wife Ashley Manning is one of the first wives we ever covered on Player back in 2009.

In the six-plus years since launching the post, we’ve seen rumors galore.

And as has been the case so often, we have found rumors that suggest that Peyton Manning is cheating on his wife Ashley Manning.

People are jumping to the conclusion the just because Ashley received HGH – that must mean Peyton was using it.

Ashley Manning is a fascinating exploration into the trials and tribulations of a professional WAG.

For better for worse she’s been a part of his story for more than a decade.

An unfounded rumor about Peyton being in an extramarital relationship with local Indianapolis meteorologist Angela Buchman ran rampant for a good chunk of his time with the Colts.

Conversely, back in 2011, we learned through the Internet about Peyton Manning’s kids.

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