Pre coital the science of dating

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Later, scientific findings backed up this observation, proving that odor is the strongest sense connected to emotion due to the nose’s direct connection with the olfactory lobe in the limbic system -- the area of the brain considered the seat of the emotions.Thus, while the average person can smell 10,000 odors, no two people smell the same thing.Anything we experienced concurrently with those feelings is placed away as something to be recalled and reminisced over later.

You only remember what your biased mind has chosen to recall.In your twenties and thirties, you are lost in the upheaval of everything you once knew to complete isolation and independence.However, as more and more research attests to the positive capabilities of nostalgia, maybe we should think about indulging in it for the rest of our lives.We put an emotional state within an era, or a specific frame, and choose to idealize that specific time.We deduce that because we remember the feeling of happiness at the park, our childhood must have been better than right now.

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