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This naturally has fans wondering if Lee is one of the leak victims.In September 2014, Meltzer reported in the that Lee was among the victims of a celebrity hacking scandal “that included the likes of Lady Gaga, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson and Kaley Cuoco.” Lee herself addressed the controversy after a fan wrote to her on Twitter, “I HATE to Disappoint everyone in #WWE Universe the alleged @WWEAJLee #AJLee photo well the main 1 floating around is @Lilly Evans_not AJ lol.” In a tweet on September 26, 2014, Lee wrote, “Is this a thing?And Lee has categorically ruled out an appearance in the publication. “It’s gotten me pretty far and there are certain things that should be left to the imagination.“Nothing wrong with it, but it’s not for me.” In perhaps her sexiest match in WWE, Lee caused a stir on social media by teasing a wardrobe malfunction on a pre-taped episode of in January 2013.“Private photos of mine were stolen and shared publicly without my consent,” Flair wrote on Twitter on May 4, 2017.“These images must be removed from the Internet immediately.” The photos show Flair taking several nude selfies in front of a mirror with her cell phone — which got fitted with a WWE-branded case.

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The leak — dubbed “The Fappening 2.0” in reference to a similar celebrity hacking scandal from 2014 — has targeted a number of other famous names.

In the midst of the scandal, rumors spread that hackers had targeted other wrestlers and more material was forthcoming.

“There have been claims that others will follow,” Dave Meltzer wrote in his report on the scandal in the .

The claim turned out correct as nude photos of Charlotte Flair leaked online two months later.

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