Radiocarbon dating stuff works abroad dating

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In the context of science/religion discussions, this definitional morass seems supremely unhelpful. Then people can decide for themselves if they think your evidence is any good.

The standard definition arises as a consequence of requiring that our complex exponential function be defined in a way that is consistent with what we know about real exponential functions.

Moral statements are only a refutation of scientism if you assert that we can learn their truth values by some method that isn’t scientific.

From the way Ruse phrased this paragraph, it seems clear that he sees it as a statement of opinion, not of fact, that the authorities should be ashamed of themselves in this case.

Here’s Ruse’s final example: Continue with the kind of discussion we are having now.

The very statement that science is the best and perhaps the only way to genuine knowledge of the world is no scientific statement.

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