Redmine git repository not updating

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The RTU_Comm Lib directory contains the database along with what is known as the working tree.

When you push to the git repository, you are updating what is in the database, but the working tree doesn't change.

If the zip doesn't contain and artifacts.jar, go to your Eclipse install's dropins directory, create a subfolder (name doesn't matter) and expand your zip into that folder. The accepted answer from Konstantin worked, but there were a few additional steps.

Install from it the same way as you install from a remote site.

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A program run as part of setup did not finish as expected.

The plug-in will not appear until you have restarted your workspace (Reboot Eclipse). Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

Issue #2958704 has reappeared for me at some point after r371 (the plugin still lists itself as installed, but all my redmine tasks, queries, and repositories disappear and redmine is not an option for adding a new repository--in short, other than being in the list of installed software, the plugin doesn't appear to be present). I'll add a comment when I identify the exact version where the problem occurs for me (ergo, probably tomorrow).

I am trying to pinpoint which revision reintroduced the behavior, but it is a slow process because neither reverting the installation nor uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling an earlier version fixes it; I have to change to a fresh copy of a backup of my installation directory. Postscript, because I just thought of this: my testing thus far has not completely eliminated the possibility that the problem has something to do with updating the plugin, not the version to which I update it (that might make some sense of the inability to revert).

If you want to have an updated set of files you will need to perform a checkout or a hard reset.

You can make the server do this automatically with a post-receive hook.

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