Restore iphone without updating baseband dating ron

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Now my messages app isn't receiving messages only sending them. Are you doing full wipes (system and data) before flashing the ROM?

Install HTC Sync (available from HTC website), then uninstall it again but leave the drivers (separate uninstall entry). Firmware: 1.12.841.17 – Has anyone upgraded to 1.54.401.5? i rooted my phone using hansoons guide but now my phone doesnt access the internet or have a signal... this appeared to happen right after i unlocked the bootloader edit: solved, nearly had a bloody heart attack Root is not hard at all.

I believe the second method will still wipe, but has the advantage of never being unlocked on HTC's records, just on the odd chance they dispute a warranty claim. soft button remain transparent when pulling down the status bar. hey guys, just want to know i do not have to get s-off to flash the custom tom right?

Warranty issues on unlocked phones are very uncommon in Australia. when i have m7, i just unlock the boatload and s-on, and i can still install the custom whats the real difference between s-off and s-on? Unlock bootloader, flash custom recovery, flash chainfire root.

Is there a ROM available that allows you to run Sense but with stock android lockscreen?

I like the Google Edition ROM but don't like the stock messages and phone dialer app over the Sense 6 apps.

Has anyone got a back up of the stock Telstra rom that I can use? But as posted in the XDA thread recently, if you copy a large file to the while it's going through the bottles, it will work. Insertcoin lagged opening folders, renovate lags all over for short period of time. Those things you mention could be a whole host of factors. But I am using Skydragon ROM now, and it is a lot smoother than anything I have tried so far. whelp, that bottle is empty, opening bottle 3 chugging.......... I have flashed the 1.54 firmware update and had no issues. A newer radio is generally better anyway, and is a good thing to update.

I got s-off on bottle #3 :) Maybe it's the faster processor stuffing things up, needs something else to think about at the same time to slow down the process : P I got lucky on mine a couple of days back, worked with the normal process... I might need to give arhd a go but I never liked them due to lack of customisation Cheers! ============================= Most reliable drivers are right from HTC. I have flashed the 1.54 firmware update and had no issues.

I'm dam happy with stock with a days use so far and I used Rev HD on the M7.

I have not found a feature I want on the new roms yet to justify the flash.

Although once the updates come out I'll be flashing quick smart instead of waiting the 8 months that Telstra take for testing My telstra phone (also not on the officially supported list, and 99.99999% the same as yours) I had to run a couple of dozen times before it actually worked. A later update to Firewater was that it tells you if your device is not compatible when you go to run it.

I unlocked the bootloader (via the official HTC site), installed twrp and rooted the M8. So I copied the zip into internal storage (no external sdcard at the moment), loaded twrp (wiped caches/factory reset), and installed insertcoin. Have downloaded insertcoin multiple times today on both Chrome and Firefox and they both failed the MD5 checksum.

But when I rebooted the device, it goes to the HTC splashscreen for a few seconds, turns off, then boots back to twrp recovery. I assumed you don't need s-off since it's a Sense-based rom and not GPE-based. NB: I'm hoping you don't have to s-off since I can't get adb to detect the device outside of recovery. I even downloaded ARHD just to try something different and even that file is corrupt (not to mention downloading 1.8 GB at around 80 KB/s).

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