Rsvp dating site review

Rated 3.88/5 based on 955 customer reviews

I think my flatmate described it aptly when she said RSVP is a bit bogan!

There are so many boring profiles that are just cardboard cutouts of everyone else, and it has been rare to find a well written profile that makes the person seem interesting.

The photos are hard to view Having used eharmony before , i must admit I found eharmony easier to navigate around.

Also I received matches but not sure what these were based on (perhaps just location?

I have been matched perfectly with most of them although i have had quite a few younger guys emailing me.thats ridiculous Even if it cost you a stamp a day to have unlimited access to the site that would be fairer.I found the quality of men werent the worst I had ever seen but the deal breaker section and generally their expectations were unrealistic, you were either too short,tall,fat,skinny,ugly,pretty,smart,dumb.i was glad this was free because i would have been kicking myself if i had paid for this experience.In fact its like your punishing people by forcing stamp purchases to actively find a date.. The mobile app was very inadequate and hard to navigate.i think this is should be happy if you have a member that wants to contact 50 people per day, not charging them stamps at every possible turn. The whole experience was very depressingi have found the website hard to navigate around.

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