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], giving final alignments containing 51 different sequences of 993 bp in length and 64 different sequences of 329 bp in length.

GTR I G was identified as the optimal substitution model using j Modeltest v2.1.2 [ genus, rooting with Hong Kong strain Bt Co V-HKU9 (HM211100) and Kenyan strain KY77 (GU065421), with posterior probabilities of 1.

The Malagasy Co Vs were detected from bats captured in three different sites of the Menabe region (West of Madagascar).

Within cluster 1, strains were originated from Bemanonga, Mahabo and Ankiliabo.

Posterior probabilities superior to 0.9 are indicated by a dot, other posterior probabilities are indicated in decimal form to the right of each node, and some have been left off for clarity. The inset figure shows the partial phylogeny of the highlighted region of the subgroup, including additional reference sequences and with a total alignment length of 329 nucleotides.

Techniques used for generating each phylogenetic representation were identical, as detailed in the materials and methods section.

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Possible dispersal mechanisms as to how coronaviruses arrived on Madagascar are discussed. In mammals and birds, Co Vs are associated with upper and lower respiratory illnesses or gastroenteritis.

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Bats are amongst the natural reservoirs of many coronaviruses (Co Vs) of which some can lead to severe infection in human.

The purpose of our study is to detect and identify Co Vs from frugivorous bats in Madagascar to evaluate the risk of human infection from infected bats.

Frugivorous bats belonging to three species were captured in four different regions of Madagascar.

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