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We determined that 14 of the 17 contributing writers whose photos and bios appeared on Market Exclusive and Small Cap Exclusive were fictitious.Zazoff told Sharesleuth that although he established Market Exclusive, he sold the site to an investment group in 2013.Market Exclusive traces to David Zazoff, an investor relations consultant and erstwhile stock promoter whose ties to Honig go back more than a decade.Zazoff was the official investor relations representative for some of the companies that were featured at Market Exclusive, or were touted on other sites by members of the stealth promotion network.

All told, we turned up nearly 600 bullish articles about Honig-related companies that fit the pattern of stealth promotional pieces.

Most of the original Ronan’s 11 articles at Seeking Alpha called attention to companies that were created or bankrolled by Barry C.

Honig, a South Florida financier who figures into at least two Securities and Exchange Commission investigations.

Among other things, we found concentrations of stories in the days and weeks leading up to share sales, and just before and after mergers, acquisitions or other market-moving events.

We also found waves of stealth promotion pieces that accompanied paid touting campaigns, financed by the featured companies or by third parties.

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