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Historic Environment Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Industrial Heritage Society, and the Scottish Vernacular Buildings Working Group is pleased to host an Industrial Archaeology Conference in Caithness from 22nd June to 27th June 2018.

A series of talks, tours and site visits around Caithness and Orkney will radiate from Wick.

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The game of chess might not help you build your biceps or tone your abs, but your lifelong mental health can certainly benefit from it.

Bat sounds are broken down into four elements in order to train people's sonic memory and aid species identification using a heterodyne bat detector in the field.

The focus is on pipistrelles, noctule, serotine and Daubenton's bat as these illustrate a range of different bat sounds. Following recent community engagement on the establishment of an East Caithness Community Sport Hub, we are delighted to announce that the Hub's first meeting will be in held in Wick.

And a sexy and beautiful mind is one of the best assets you can show off!

17 April 2018 - The Sun Another Scot working miracles on Surgery Ships is Martha Henderson, 31, from Thurso, Caithness.

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