Separated parents dating mably dating

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We might completely shut down, intensely overreact, or totally bail on the situation and go on a whiskey-fueled rampage around town.

We’ve dealt with that the whole “fighting is healthy” notion seems like complete garbage.

If you dumped us tomorrow, we won’t be financially wrecked or left with nothing. We’re both terrified of ending up divorced and scared of illogically avoiding divorce to the point of being trapped in a miserable marriage.

We like the comfort of knowing there’s a plan and a nest egg in case we end up back on our own. Even if we want to get married, we’re still plagued with fears and doubts.

We’ll throw everything we’ve got at this relationship because if you’ve made it this far, we must think you’re really effing special.It just means that in case the worst happens, we’d like to end up on our feet.We’ve watched our parents get completely screwed over by not preparing for this, and we’d rather be safe than sorry.If you’re dating someone whose parents divorced when they were young, here are 8 things you should know about what you’re getting into: We’re not damaged, we’re just cautious.We’re not damaged, or broken, or incapable of loving someone — we’re just practical about love and marriage.

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