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Bush's Response During Katrina with Donald Trump's During Harvey. Aired 9-10a ET • President Trump Appoints Jon Huntsman as Ambassador to Russia; Newsmax Media CEO Chris Ruddy Examines President Trump's Approval Rating; Hedge Fund CEO Analyzes Meeting Between Donald Trump Jr. Aired 9-10a ET • President Trump Attacks CNN Through Tweet; President Trump Finally Met President Putin; No Negotiations with North Korea Could Lead to Nuclear Catastrophe; Interview with Bill Richardson; The Fight for Charlie Gard's Life; Trump and China's Xi Meet Amid North Korea Threat.Aired 9-a ET • Is Trump's "Fire and Fury" Best Approach to North Korea? And Russian Lawyer; Arnold Schwarzenegger Discusses California's Commitment to Paris Climate Accords. Aired 9-10a ET • Analysts Examined Russia Practice of Obtaining Compromising Information on Public Figures; Analyst Examines Leftwing Media Sources of Fake News; Roger Waters' Tour Includes Anti-Trump Political Imagery and Messaging; Analyst Examines Trend of Adult Children Living With Parents in Large Numbers. Aired 9-10a ET • President Pulls US Out Of The Paris Climate Accord; Comey To Testify This Week About Trump And The Russia Probe; Hillary Clinton's Blame Game For Her Election Loss; Tiger Woods Arrested On DUI Charge.Aired 10-11a ET • Sean Spicer Quits, President Shakes Up Legal Team; Is Kaepernick's Image Blocking Him From NFL? Aired 10-11a ET • Roger Waters Tour Blasts Trump; Do Fans Want to Hear Politics from Showbiz Idols? Aired 9-10a ET • My Legal Advice for Trump; NYT Reporter on Latest Comey Firing Revelations; How Presidents Prepare and What can go Wrong; The Navy SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden; What Cosby Revealed to Me.Aired 9-10a ET • Letters That Played Significant Roles in FBI Director Comey's Termination Were Strangely Dated On The Same Day; When Donald Trump Suddenly Fired Fbi Director James Comey This Week, Did He Harm The Credibility Of His Presidency Or Firm Up His Base? Aired 9-10a ET • Did Dems Filibuster on Gorsuch Backfire?Aired 9-10a ET • Music Celebrities Shania Twain and Kanye West's Comments This Week Were Analyzed; MSNBC Host Joy Reid's Alleged Hack was Discussed; North and South Korean Talks; Trump Getting Credit for Talks; Joy Reid Homophobic Blogging; MSNBC Host Joy Reid, Hack Victim or Homophobe? ; Bill Cosby Retrial in the #Me Too Era; Aired 9-10a ET • Trump's Poll Numbers Rise with GOP and Independents; Trump Attacks Amazon as Bad for American Business; The Tale of Tiger Woods; Ex-Justice Stevens Advocates Repeal of Second Amendment; Aired 9-10a ET • The Late Friday Night Firing of Andrew Mc Cabe Was Analyzed; Michael Isikoff Discussed Donald Trump's Relationship with Vladimir Putin both Personally and Via Their Business Contacts; Michael Galloway Shares His Opinions About the Importance of Busting Up Large Tech Companies Such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple, and the Positive Impact That Would Have on the Economy; George Freeman Discusses the Recent "60 Minutes" Interview by Anderson Cooper with Porn Star Stormy Daniels About Her Alleged Affair With Donald Trump and the Legalities Surrounding Her Non-Disclosure Agreement. Anthony Carnevale Discusses the Importance of Considering Career and Technical Education as a Viable Option For Many Students; Panelists Discuss the Recent News from the White House Including Trump's Scheduled Meeting With Kim Jong-un, Midterm Elections, and the Stormy Daniels Allegations.Aired 9- 10a ET • Michael Avenatti Discusses the Contractual Agreement Between Stormy Daniels and President Donald Trump and It's Legalities and Execution; Art Laffer Discusses the Effect of Imposing Tariffs on the U. Aired 9-10a ET • Michael Smerconish Evaluates the Root Causes of the School Shooting in Florida and Discusses if it was an Issue of Gun Control/Availability or Lack of Data Dissemination; Amy Chua Explained the Premise of Her Book and the Fact that Humans are Tribal in Nature and Compared that to National and Political Identities; Sue Jeffers and Andy Cilek Discuss Freedom of Speech Regarding Dress at Polling Places.

Aired 9-10a ET • Michael Smerconish Compares Hurricane Relief Efforts to the Movie "Dunkirk"; Ken Paxton, Attorney General for Texas Discusses Price Gouging; Ken Paxton Praises Governor Abbott for his Preparedness for this Storm; Spencer Geisinger Compares George W. Aired 10-11a ET • Reince Priebus Resigns After Sean Spicer; President Trump Continues To Pledge To Let Obamacare Implode; Prospective Blue Collar Workers Are Blocked Due To The Drug Epidemic.Aired 9-10a ET • John Brownley Discusses General Flynn's Admission; Arthur Laffer Discusses the Laffer Curve; Smerconish and John Corvino Discuss the Rights of Bakeries That Refused to Bake Wedding Cakes for Same-Sex Couples; Mark O'Mara Weighs in on the Steinle Case Verdict; James Carville's 1992 Comments Were Compared to Modern Governmental Policies and Practices.Aired 9-10a ET • Smerconish Highlighted the Rise in the Economy; Scott Adams Shared a Concern that Any Good the Trump Administration has Accomplished has Been Brushed Off and How Much Influence the Obama Administration had in those Accomplishments; David Litt Drew Attention to the Disconnect Between Trump's Words and Actions; The Incarceration of Rapper Meek Mill Was Examined; The Issue of a Disproportionate Number of African-American Males Incarcerated Was Discussed; Thrush to Judgement, Trump Packing Courts with Conservatives.Aired 9-10a ET • Interview with Glenn Greenwald; Trump 's Modus Operandi, Changing the Subject; Pope Open to Married Men Becoming Priests; Pope: Always Give to Panhandlers; Schwarzenegger Viral Video Criticizes Congress. Aired 9-10a ET • Democratic Party Brand New Leadership; Tom Perez Named As New Democratic Party Chairman; Trump Won't Attend White House Correspondents' Dinner; America's Public High Schools Dragged Into Polarized National Politics; Racial Equality Should Not Be Left Or Right; Oscar Weekend; Oscars All Awards Season; Rush Limbaugh criticize CNN's Smerconish Statement.Aired 6-7p ET • President Holding Rally Four Weeks Into Term; Insider Leaks Versus Russian Ties; Mother Forced to Take Refuge in Denver Church; Roommate Ads Include "No Trump" Clause.

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