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I have to stop whatever I am doing to watch too whenever it is on. Spectrum seems to have a spot, or multiple spots, within every ad break across every network.If only they put as much effort into their actual products instead of raving on about being the fastest growing cable company, as if that's meaningful information. Can you just imagine being the one who opens all those boxes? I'll bet you dimes to dollars, dumbells think they need to shit in the box rather than provide a "sample". JD Wentworth 🎵🎵 877- Cash fuck you It actually came on again as I was typing this. 😑 This damn commercial and now Cialis are on heavy rotation throughout digital sub channels How exactly do folks fuck from separate bathtubs again??I have actually stopped watching most TV because of the commercials.The ones that put me over the top are the drug commercials usually for those drugs that they charge thousands a year for prescription.A WOOD counter, no less, so he's not leaving marks with a knife. Instead, she sighs and looks perturbed and they are selling us Lysol to clean up the "mess", whatever it is. There's also a dental commercial, maybe more local, with an actor with blinding white teeth -- and it seems he's been directed to talk with them exposed. Cute Noah Wylie type guy but weird effect and probably not his fault.So his big tongue lies there, trying not to get chomped on. The Spectrum Cable tv commercials which seem a rip off of Reagan's Morning In America campaign bits.Yes, it's wonderful that the sun comes up every morning and that we can pay 0 a month for shitty cable. A toy for teenagers to send stickers to each others?

Maybe because it screams "Frau" (the ad agency variety Frau, anyway).

I am a college graduate, that can be silly with very bad puns.

When everyone at college was experimenting with drugs and alcohol ironically I regressed back into liking toys (not those kinds of toys...perv).

and the insufferable smug of Apple cultists)The Metro phone company ads where various actors look into camera and smirk and shrug.

Oh god, I can't explain why but it's cringe inducing.

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