Sex dating in weeks louisiana

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The online dating sites, which are presumably aiming to help protect members from being assaulted on dates, target all manner of sex offenders (while still allowing in suitors with, for example, a domestic violence rap sheet).“Not all sex offenders are the same, and it is usually a mistake to treat them as if they are,” says Cantor.

using Facebook] based upon their previous conviction.” Courts have imperfect guidelines for evaluating these cases, she says.

There are already strict restrictions placed on where sex offenders can live in the real-world — how far can we go in limiting their existence in the virtual realm?

Those questions are being sorted out on a law-by-law basis, says Ruthann Robson, a professor at CUNY School of Law.

Sure, it’s now a crime to do so — but so too is abusing children.

Similarly, the online dating sites are only screening out sex offenders who provide identifying information that matches what is on the registry.

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