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- viewed 101725 times, this month 1496 times Did you find an error in this cheat?Please correct it here First go to the pub and fight and lose until you have at leat -3000 then on day 34 go to school, it's underwear day how exciting, anyway go in the classroom and bet type 100$ then backspace and put 0$ then press next then type 100$ then press next then type 200$ then press next when you get outside look where it tells you your money if it says nan then it worked, and remember don't give the first girl any money because she isn't hot.If you do not choose the options this walkthrough asks for, you will not have the same game play as everyone else.Creating Your Player Character: Part 1 In the very beginning of the game, you are asked several things.

When having sex for charm you can only get 5-9 charm each time.

Truly, it has been a great ride to witness, and it is a great loss to lose it.

While we're sorry to close the doors, we look back with a very big smile at what we all accomplished in those 17 years together.

Some of our members have decided to keep the community together, in a sense, by creating groups on Reddit and Facebook in order to stay in contact with one another, as well as a Discord server.

If you'd like to join in on either of these communities, you can find us at: Alternatively, former Community Administrator Apollo has opened up his own website to Game Winners members who would like a forum-based community to participate in.

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