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The big thing about Japanese women, and the Japanese in general, is their polite manner.

Japanese girls are usually very attractive, tend to look young, are always well-dressed, and normally have beautiful, healthy-looking, long black hair.

The work ethic of Japanese men and women is to work hard, especially in the capital, which, in the New York City style, never sleeps.

Coming from this background, your beautiful Japanese woman will expect you to have the same attitude.

Approximately 80% of the country’s population of 127 million live on Honshu, the largest of the islands and home to the capital, Tokyo, and other major cities such as Kobe, Osaka and Nagoya.

It is estimated that perhaps a quarter of Japan’s inhabitants live in Tokyo, with only about 10% living in rural areas.

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Earthquakes are frequent, fortunately most of them weak, but most of the modern buildings are constructed to be able to withstand the occasional strong earthquake, such as the quake of 2011.

In various establishments, such as teahouses and restaurants, the host or ‘geisha’ is well-versed in the art of socialising through skills that include dancing, playing musical-instruments, and friendly conversation.

While the geisha will always be seen in a kimono, the average woman will only wear such traditional clothing at formal occasions, such as weddings.

Therefore, once you begin to feel that things are going well between you and your woman, it’ll be a great idea to go to Japan and visit her and meet the family In the past, Japan was a country that traditionally believed in different roles for different genders.

Neo-Confucianism defined all social roles in terms of hierarchical relationships; including the domination of men over women, when married, and the father was dominant over the children.

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