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The box says this relatively small lure is "not a warship" like bigger plugs of the era.

The Bunty Darter had an unusual cutout face that almost looks like a flattened rhino's face.

This is one of the rarest boxed lures ever to be found: the magnificent Night Caster made by Zach Turner, a Coldwater barber who manufactured lures around 1910. Tuttle was a famous maker of lifelike flyrod lures crafted from horse and deer hair. Other baits included a crawfish, moths and various other creatures, each of which came in its own, distinct box. Tuttle also made handsome metal baits - including the Whirl-O Minnow, which featured a curved, fish-shaped body wiuth glass beads on a shaft and a hand-painted devil bug for a hook.Turbulent Lures came in wonderful spotted finishes.Here is another Turbulent lure - the Penetrator, a heavy weighted underwater lure.I'm guessing this is an earlier box, as the graphics are somewhat superior to the example above.This box is more attractive, but the no-picture version is much rarer.

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