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A horse going for £600,000 could turn out to be a flop compared to a horse that was bought for £1000 which could end up winning major tournaments.

A horse can only develop so much based on its genes alone.

Barry goes on to state “experience is essential” as it takes years of shadowing from professional bloodstock agents, to build up a credible enough reputation before clients will start to trust these agents with their money.

When asked about what specific characteristics bloodstock agents look for, Barry replied: “Pedigree is the most important.” Like a big family tree, thoroughbred breeding histories are recorded.

All the same benefits apply to you as a sole owner, including private hospitality events and exclusive viewing opportunities.

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Obviously, the main benefit is the split cost and enjoyment shared between separate parties, whilst still maintaining legal ownership of the horse.

If you’re going to purchase flat racing horses then yearlings (one-year olds) or Breeze-up sales for two-year olds in training are the way to go, as it allows time for development and growth into a potential superstar.

Each year Europe’s major sales take place at Tattersalls, Newmarket.

With thousands of horses to choose from, all individual with different bloodlines, pedigrees, form and background, a bloodstock agent is crucial to your success in buying if you’re not an experienced professional.

We were able to speak to one of horse racing’s leading bloodstock agents, Barry Lynch of Lynch Bloodstock who gave a small insight on what these people look for when buying a thoroughbred.

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