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If you’ve created a comfortable foundation, built value, and conveyed interest with proper timing – then all it should take is a bold step forward to initiate this moment.Coach Perspective: Keep a mental checklist that will inform you that it’s time to make a bold move toward the first sexual moment: If all of these are a yes, then it’s time say something romantic or sexual right before you make your move.In my experience, the best conversationalists have a combination of things they’ve said a million times (routines and identity stories) as well as the ability to improvise when necessary.They use fashion as an extension of their identity, are bold and spontaneous in action, and do their best to build reputations as unique individuals.If they say and consent, you’re going to be making out.Neil’s famous Evolution Phase Shift was created for just this reason, but a simple, “Can I kiss you? What I think is just as important as the going for it, is your ability to stay cool when you misread a situation.In addition, social value is relative, because every person weighs these four aspects differently.

Coach Perspective: Social Value has four aspects: looks, reputation, words, and actions.

The more common the compliment, the less emotional weight it has.

In addition, always tell the person why whatever you’re complimenting them on is meaningful to you.

Coach Perspective: When you open, your goal is to create a comfortable moment.

This moment is the foundation for everything that follows it.

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