Technorati feed not updating Cam fun without membership

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Better Feed is a plugin for Word Press that allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customizable features.Using a convenient interface with real time preview, Better Feed will allow you to add anything below each entry in your RSS feed. SMYF stands for "Show Me Your Feed", so if you happen to use my plugin, just tell me so I can see what you've done (and maybe subscribe to your feed if it's cool !You may notice that our rank on Alexa is also increasing, and in this occasion I will take the chance to ask you to write a simple short review for our blog on Alexa and contact me with a link to you site and I will personally review yours, this help a lot to increase Alexa rank and all what it takes is a few minutes!Simply copy paste your technorati claim token in a "NEW POST" as I have pasted above, go to your technorati account, click on claim your blog and post url of this post (in your case you will write url of your post).) version), none of my feeds are updating even though I know a couple have since posted new items (and the feeds reflect them when I view the XML directly. The new ATOM 1.0 feed from More Like This ( Like This/) causes #R to show the error dialog, though Send Error Report doesn't work when I click it, though the program seems to function fine otherwise if I click OK rather than Close Program. In order to get new ones, I have to click refresh manually. Feel free to ask me for more details (my e-mail address is stored somewhere on this site). a day or so ago I went to launch Sharpreader, got some crazy error message and the damn thing won't fire up anymore. NET SP1, it refers to an error message in effect to "The type initializer... All in all, I am a newby to Sharp Reader and had honestly looked through the FAQ before posting my question. This happens to several manually added blog URLs in Sharp Reader v0.9.6.0 (previously this was not a problem under the old version). Upgraded recently to Sharp Reader v0.9.6.0 (from previous version) caused a lot of comments tagged to a blog (when clicked to view) to fail with error message as shown. Set Browser Html(Rss Item rss Item) in c:\projects\sharpreader\ui\sharpreaderform.cs:line 3214 at Sharp Reader. Sharp Reader Show Page_Tick(Object sender, Event Args e) in c:\projects\sharpreader\ui\sharpreaderform.cs:line 5237 at System. Plus I have a vested interest in improving Sharp Reader as it is the only RSS aggregator that is on my company's approved software list, and they are very strick.Can someone post the new version somewhere other than I've even tried removing it and then re-installing--still nothing. Must manually remove RSS feed and re-open (and subscribe) to fix; however problem may reappear again at random. Deactivate Tags(String html) in c:\projects\sharpreader\util\mlhelper.cs:line 142 at Sharp Reader. Seriously, if you are interested in some help, let me know at "benjamin carleski [one word not two] at msn dot com". I tried a bunch off RSS readers, but I liked yours best.

Although it remembers the window position it does not remember if it was minimised/maximised, or just in the system tray. If I had a flag to indicate this, the reader can delete all current messages and replace them with the new snapshot. Standing Filter on a feed: In addition to the system wide filter, there is a need for a "per feed" filter that will make sure I only see messages I am interested in (example: on a gaming site I just want those that have "PC" in them).

BUG REPORT: "DEL" key no longer works to delete rss posts although it does work to delete the rss feeds in the "Subscribed Feeds" window. Callback(Int Ptr h Wnd, Int32 msg, Int Ptr id Event, Int Ptr dw Time) I am trying to add a site that uses Digest Authentication and a cookie to authenticate me.

Pressing "del" does not delete the posts although right-clicking on them and selecting "delete item" does. Sharp Reader isn't reading the cookie IE has, and so the site tries to authenticate using digest.

I'm getting the "Web Http Request is dying a nasty death" problem also.. I look at a sniffer trace and see that Sharp Reader is trying basic authentication, even though the site is requesting only digest.

even tho I do believe I'm running the latest image. I'm still receiving bug-reports from people accessing what must be old Word Press installs though, and since . I'm not sure what would be the better solution, either reading the cookie or fixing the authentication, but I thought it worth mentioning.

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