Tips for dating an asian woman

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False assumptions based on a myth will get you nowhere.

[Read: 13 rules of etiquette for the modern gentleman] #6 Forget the stereotypes.

How to date an Asian girl There is a huge difference between dating an Asian woman if you happen to live in Asia, and dating one whose family immigrated to the West.

This article is mainly about Asian girls who didn’t grow up in Asia, but much of the advice will hold true for Asian women anywhere.

A lot of guys who have a thing for Asian girls tend to also be into Japanese culture. Just don’t tell her about how much you love Hayao Miyazaki films when you’ve just met her.

From Japanimation, to the code of the Samurai, they know a lot about it. She’s met guys like you before, and the “I love your culture” move will immediately trigger her creepy-Asian-fetish-guy firewall.

Western soldiers returning from wars in Asia brought home stories of beautiful women whom any guy can sleep with, though they were, of course, prostitutes.There is certainly a time and place to inquire about it, but within minutes of meeting her is just not the time.Be a good listener, be genuinely interested in what she has to say, and she’ll most likely reveal it to you on her own.Movies further prop this up with their depictions of Asian women.And a huge genre of Asian porn portrays all Asian women as living sex dolls. Even for girls who grew up in Western countries, they were still likely raised with a more conservative sexual mindset from their parents or grandparents. Your buddy who bragged about all the girls he shagged in Thailand…

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