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If you have more local tracks than that, though, don't panic: You can still use i Cloud Music Library. If you had an i Tunes Match subscription and ran into i Cloud Music Library errors where your tracks were showing up as matching to the DRM-encumbered Apple Music catalog, looks like Apple has a fix for you in the form of i Tunes 12.2.1. Internet radio rights are different from on-demand streaming rights and purchased rights, and all of this contributes to why you can't just download a podcast of certain old Beats 1 shows. Apple Music and i Tunes Match both offer access to i Cloud Music Library, an uploading-and-matching service that lets you access all your Mac's songs from up to 10 of your devices.

On top of that, even with the complicated web of deals Apple has concocted, I just don't think podcasts are a good user experience. If you'd prefer not to use i Cloud Music Library as part of your Apple Music subscription, however, here's how to go about it. If you've run into any of these, Apple's cloud copy of your music might need to get dumped and resynchronized.

Are there songs from your collection that got matched to the wrong Apple Music or i Tunes Match track? Apple Music's "Add to Library" button makes it devilishly easy to collect new music, which is awesome for listening to new tunes. Here's a quick couple of Smart Playlists you can make in i Tunes on your Mac that will collect anything you've downloaded from Apple Music or downloaded recently.

If you're using i Tunes Match or Apple Music, you get all your Mac's music on all your devices, including secondary Macs.

While Apple's music subscription services offer a lot of great features—streaming songs from your library or the Apple Music collection on any device, or rocking out to Beats 1—they have some quirks, too.

Select Apple Software Update and click the Repair button.

Change the folder's properties to accept the update A common suggestion when an insufficient-privilege problem is reported in a forum is to make sure you're running as an administrator.

The most common response to this suggestion is a form of "Duh!

The i Tunes Store allows for the purchase of digital music, video, ebooks and audio books.

It also servers as the app store for applications for i OS devices such as the i Phone and i Pad.

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